Welcome to Bliss Healthcare & Bodyworks, a place where your healthcare needs comes first. If this is your first experience with massage, we congratulate you to opening your eyes to the sensational world of massage. For those that are familiar with massage, we hope you find us as a place where you can escape your daily stresses and indulge in the art of bodywork. Whether massage is a gift to yourself or a plan for you to condition your body to optimal health, Bliss is for you.


Instant Bliss:
Swedish with integrated Lomi Lomi. Focused towards relaxation, does not include deep tissue bodywork. Aromatherapy to help compliment the experience. Application of massage lotion/oils to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. Increases circulation while your stress melts away and your feelings of wellbeing overwhelm you.
              60 mins : $60.00
              90 mins : $85.00
             120 mins : $110.00

Therapeutic Bliss:
Deep tissue, orthopedic, sports massage, trigger points. For the active fitness junkie in you. Focused at conditioning your body. Integrated stretching and range of motion techniques to enhance flexibility and promote healthy muscle density and tone. Hot/cold therapy to maximize muscle release and unwrap those stubborn knots. Massage tools maybe used to increase massage intensity.
                    60 mins : $75.00                  90 mins : $100.00                120 mins : $125.00

                                                                                                                Quik Bliss:
Focused towards a specific goal. For example 1) neck, shoulder, back release, 2) major joint stretching, 3) lunch energizer boost , 4) foot scrub n rub. Sessions are short and sweet for your busy schedule.  Gather energy to finish your day at top performance or just need a short time out to sort your thoughts and boost your spirits. Dry massage, minimal-no application of lotions or oils, with exception to foot treatments.  

30 mins : $40.00

Specialty Services:
Prenatal, Hot Stones, Cupping, Face-lift Massage, Foot Rub N Scrub. 
Additional 30 mins (to be added to the 60, 90 or 120 min sessions) for $40.00.

Bliss On Wheels:
Enjoy bliss in your very own home. $30.00 travel fee additional to above rates. Required at least 90 minute session. May combine sessions to make 90 mins (ex. 3-30mins. 60/30 etc.)

24hr Cancellation Policy:
Please note that there is a 24hr cancellation policy in place for massage bookings. Keeping in mind that there are always exceptions and reasons for needing to cancel an appointment last minute, we here at Bliss reserve the right to review each situation on an individual basis.  So we respectfully ask for you to contact us via phone, email or text when you need to cancel your appointments.  ~Thankyou.