Welcome to Bliss Healthcare & Bodyworks, a place where your healthcare needs comes first. If this is your first experience with massage, we congratulate you to opening your eyes to the sensational world of massage. For those that are familiar with massage, we hope you find us as a place where you can escape your daily stresses and indulge in the art of bodywork. Whether massage is a gift to yourself or a plan for you to condition your body to optimal health, Bliss is for you.


"I have known Robert for quite some time and am always surprised at how he works on my problem areas.  I'm a fairly active person and sometimes my body pays for it, because I end up sore all over.  Nothing a good massage can't fix and Robert is who I go too, to get me back on track.  I highly recommend him not only as a great therapist, but a respected friend."
~ Sandra W., RN
"I have been receiving regular massage therapy from Robert for five years. He is respectful, personable, and professional. His extensive knowledge of physiology allows him to focus on my chronic pain areas and maximize my flexibility and strength.  His massage skills are excellent and I appreciate that he can provide the depth and intensity that matches my individual needs."                         
~ Julie E., MSN, APRN, CNS, CNE

"Robert is a great therapist that can really deliver a DEEP tissue massage. I'm a pretty tough guy, but I'm not to proud to admit that there are areas that Robert works on that I never knew could hurt soo bad.  But it's all good....after a couple of days I feel great."
~ Brad K., Construction

"I've been getting a weekly massage from Robert for many years now.  I have no doubt that this therapy has helped with the many aches and pains middle age has brought me--but my primary motive is relaxation and stress management.  I can say without reservation that I get what I pay for!  At the end of each session I feel calm & relaxed and experience a kind of peaceful quiet that is hard to find in any other way.  I highly recommend his services and am confident you too will find then to be valuable."
~ Dirk E., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist